Once Sethea developed a relationship with God, she began to view her life differently.

Prior to meeting and marrying Ken, Sethea was in a long-term relationship with a man named Jerry. They were together for 18 years and brought three girls into the world, but they were never legally married.

“I didn’t realize at the time that you needed a piece of paper to share your life with someone and have a family,” Sethea said. “I didn’t understand how important that was until I had a relationship with Christ.”

Once Sethea developed a relationship with God, she began to see things very differently. 

“The more I read about Christ, I was broken hearted knowing how much I had hurt God,” she said.

As her daughters got older, they began asking why they had never seen wedding photos of Sethea with their dad. Sharing the truth was difficult, but Sethea knew she needed to. 

“I’d come to Christ, and I was trying to tell my children that it’s not right to have sex outside of marriage or to live with a boyfriend, and here I’d made those mistakes,” Sethea said. “But I want them to learn from my mistakes. That’s why it’s so important to have a personal relationship with Christ. Then you will know what He wants and what’s best for you, so you don’t make those mistakes and so you treasure who you are inside and out. Your body is a temple.” 

Her first relationship was rocky. Jerry would often use her dyslexia against her, ridiculing her and calling her stupid and incapable. Sethea knew that wasn’t the truth. She had accomplished so much despite her struggle with dyslexia, including owning and running her own business. His words cut deep, but they also increased her desire to prove that she could succeed. 

As she grew in her relationship with Christ, she came to understand more and more that Jerry was acting out of his own insecurities. 

“It’s a totally different dynamic when you have that security within yourself—when you have the Holy Spirit and you trust in God, you know He is there and He has your back,” Sethea said. “You see things so differently.”