Sethea becomes the owner of McClip, a small barbershop inside the McDonald’s headquarters.


Two-Chair-2The owners of the barbershop on Summit and Roosevelt where Sethea worked also owned a two-chair shop at McDonald’s global headquarters. Sethea eventually had the opportunity to move locations and work for the owner’s son at the McDonald’s location.

The owner’s son was looking to move to Arizona, so they began searching for a new employee to take his place. They hired a couple of people who didn’t end up working out. By that time, Sethea’s sister, Sarah, had recently completed beauty school, so Sethea asked if they could hire her. 

At first her boss said no; siblings never work out. But Sethea assured him that she and Sarah would get along extremely well. He agreed to interview Sarah and ended up hiring her. 

Sethea took over the two-chair shop as the owner in 1985 and renamed it McClip—a name suggested by one of her clients. She and Sarah loved working together, and it showed. It seemed as if everyone at McDonald’s knew them as “the sisters.” They got along incredibly well, they laughed a lot, and they even dressed alike—unintentionally—quite often.

When sisters are as close as these two, working side-by-side for 13 years is nothing short of a blast.

After Ken was offered a position with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, he and Sethea took a trip to North Carolina to check things out. Sethea genuinely hoped that she wouldn’t like Charlotte. She didn’t want to leave her family or her business in Illinois. To her surprise, she loved it.

At the time, Sethea thought she would return to Illinois a couple of times to say goodbye to her clients and wrap things up with McClip. But God surprised her. More than seven years later, she’s still flying back to Illinois one week a month to cut hair for her clients at McDonald’s headquarters. She generally flies in on a Monday, flies out on a Friday, and gets to see her clients and her family in between.

“I flip on the lights and start cutting hair, one after another. I work late; I come in early,” she said. “It ends up being perfect. God has just been amazing—absolutely amazing.”

On Wednesday nights, she meets her siblings, and their spouses and kids (any and all who are available) at a local restaurant called the Patio. They enjoy talking, laughing, and being in each other’s company for hours on end. The end of the night always comes too soon.