After Ken became a Christian, he and Sethea learned how to make God part of their daily lives.

Before they were married, Sethea knew that Christ was what Ken was missing. She made it clear that she wanted God to be a part of their lives. She wanted their kids to go to church, and she hoped Ken would too, but she knew he would have to make his own decision.

After Ken accepted Christ, he and Sethea’s relationships with God began to flourish. Paul helped them get involved with the church he went to, and they joined a Bible study. Ken became good friends with their pastor, Dan. Going to church and getting to know other Christians helped them realize that accepting Christ was an awesome spiritual moment, but following Him is a daily journey.

Ken and Sethea started learning how to turn to God about things going on in their everyday lives.

They began reading the Bible and praying together. Ken realized how much he had already learned about the Old Testament growing up, and now, for the first time in his life, the New Testament made sense to him as well.

“When you come to Christ, you learn that life is about Christ. Before that it’s all about you, so you do what’s good for you first. Now you do what’s good for the Lord first, and you’re rewarded for that,” Ken said. 

Not long before they moved to North Carolina, Ken and Sethea asked Dan to baptize them in front of their church. 

“It was just such a beautiful moment,” Sethea said. “It meant the world to us to do it together in front of our congregation.”

About seven years after he came to Christ, Ken took a job with the Billy Graham Evangelical Association. He still considered himself a baby Christian, and he had no formal theological training. He found that transitioning to the BGEA was a big change. Working there meant a complete immersion in the Christian culture. He was still making business decisions, but now he was praying before and during meetings, praying with people in the hallways, having devotions with hundreds of people every morning, and hearing from guest speakers on a regular basis. He was traveling all over the world and working closely with spiritual giants such as Billy and Franklin Graham.

“You’re getting fed with a fire hose,” he said. 

Ken has learned tons about theology and Christian culture, and he knows how to sound like a pastor. But more importantly, he knows that God is real and active in his life, and he can’t help but share that truth with everyone he meets.

Sethea doesn’t get that same type of exposure to Christian culture since she continues to work at McClip, but she cherishes the trips she has gotten to take with Ken and the BGEA. Over the years she has found herself sharing her faith with her clients more often. She has experienced God change her life, and she desires for others to find Him as well.



Ken and Sethea understand that believing in Jesus is hard for some people to accept. In fact, it sounds ridiculous to many people. They’re reminded of 1 Corinthians 1:18, which says, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

“A huge part of it is having faith,” Sethea said. “You have to trust God.”

And while they know that so many things bank on faith, they also see tangible evidence of God’s work in their lives. They point to their own stories as the prime example. They’re adamant that they never could have planned their lives this way.

It’s all God’s work.

“How does a guy like me—a Jewish drug addict from New York—wind up marrying this beautiful woman and being in the White House and now being in charge of the Billy Graham Evangelical Association?” Ken asks. “That is crazy. That is absolutely nuts and the only way you can explain that is that there is a God. I don’t deserve to be there.”