The Baruns were models for a day to raise money to fight breast cancer.

Runway-1Shanel, Shanté, and Shelsea all took dance at one point or another when they were growing up. One year, their dance teacher asked if the girls and their family would participate in a fashion show to raise money for breast cancer. She knew that Ken was McDonald’s spokesperson for breast cancer at the time. They agreed, and the three girls plus Seth, Ken, and Sethea all walked in the show. (Let it be known that Seth didn’t want to do it at first, but he ended up enjoying it.)

The girls loved it the experience. They got to go into Chicago to get their hair and makeup done and pick out their outfits. The Baruns were a novelty in the show as the only family with six members involved. The emcees introduced Ken and Sethea and talked about their family onstage. They were even featured in a magazine article about the show.

The Baruns have had a few family members who have dealt with cancer including Ken’s sister-in-law who had breast cancer and Sethea’s sister, Sandy, who survived stage four throat cancer. 

The fashion show raised more than $250,000 for the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization of Chicago. It was a fun experience for their family and an awesome opportunity to give back to something greater than themselves.

“It’s important for the kids to be able to give back and do something for others,” Sethea said. “It was something we enjoyed doing together.”