Through a series of seemingly coincidental events, Sethea’s sister found faith and a miracle.

Sethea’s oldest sister, Sherrie, has been through more than her fair share of tragic events. She had a house blow up from a gas leak. She miscarried six babies—some in her sixth month of pregnancy. And then, she found out that she had stage four throat cancer.

Sherrie ended up losing all of her teeth due to the cancer. She had to get eight posts put in her mouth, which used up all of her insurance money. To get her brand-new teeth, she needed another $18,000.

So Sherrie lived for six years with temporary teeth in her mouth. She was very cautious about what she ate, and she was constantly having to super-glue them back together.

Sethea had felt an extreme burdened for Sherrie, and she had been praying for her a lot. At one point, she and Ken thought they had found someone who could help her, but that fell through. One day, they were attending a Christian luncheon. The room was full of wealthy, generous people who were learning about ways they could give away more money to people around the world. A noble cause, of course, but all Sethea could think about was Sherrie.

As they were leaving the luncheon, Sethea turned to Ken and said, “These people have all this extra money, and they want to help people around the world, which I think is great, but I have a sister who can’t eat because her teeth are falling apart.”

“Jim Gibson,” Ken said.


About a year before, Ken had toured different cities in the U.S. with a Franklin Graham Festival. He met a man named Jim Gibson who had happened to mention that his wife was a cosmetic dentist in Naperville, Illinois, near where Ken and Sethea used to live and where Sherrie still lived.

“If you ever need anything done, just give me a call,” Jim had said. Ken had tucked that information away. And now more than a year later, God brought Jim to his mind.

Ken gave Jim a call and told him the whole story. Jim’s wife was sitting there, and she started crying when she heard about Sherrie. They wanted to help, but they warned Ken that they didn’t know if they could do everything Sherrie would need. They didn’t prep teeth or posts—that was an oral surgeon’s job. They specialized in making and putting in teeth. But Sethea continued to pray hard that everything would work out.

It turned out that the dentist’s office was only two miles from where Sherrie lived.

“That’s God’s work,” Sethea said. “There is no coincidence there.”

When Ken and Sethea called to tell her the great news, Sherrie started crying and thanking them profusely.

“I had nothing to do with it, nor did Ken,” Sethea told Sherrie. “This was God’s doing.”


Sethea explained to Sherrie how God had led them during each moment, from Sethea’s prayers, to Ken meeting Jim, to the dentist’s office being two miles from Sherrie’s house. She encouraged Sherrie to honor God’s faithfulness and to give her life to Him.

“We all grew up Presbyterian, but to dedicate your life to Christ is different,” Sethea said. “It’s a decision to follow Him.”

Sherrie said yes, she wanted to give her life to God, so Ken and Sethea got to pray with her to accept Christ.

“She got a double whammy,” Ken said. “She got Christ in her life and teeth!”

The procedure worked remarkably well, and Jim and his wife were able to give Sherrie a whole new mouth of teeth. It cost about $25,000, but they didn’t charge her a penny.

“It was one of those godly stories that you just want to share with everyone, because it’s amazing how He works,” Sethea remarked. “You start praying and asking Him for things, and—it’s not in our time, it’s in His time—but when it was all orchestrated the right way, it came together perfectly. God is so good. It was awesome to see how He works.”