The Baruns launched their family storytelling experience with lasagna and a camera crew on Christmas Eve.

Lights-Camera-Christmas-1The Baruns’ Christmas in San Diego wasn’t a typical family gathering. The boys still made jokes and the girls prepared their traditional Christmas Eve lasagna, but the holiday festivities were highlighted by professional lighting and captured on camera.

In December, Ken and Sethea launched their family storytelling venture with FamilyArc’s professional photo and video shoot. They found the experience to be much more than just another family photo.


“I was so appreciative of all of it,” Sethea said. “We loved it.”


The Baruns had planned to spend Christmas in San Diego where their eldest daughter lives, but they needed somewhere bigger than her condo to accommodate the whole family. They had reservations at a hotel, but then their close friends, the Sabers, decided to head to Michigan and insisted that the Baruns use their home instead.

Ken and Sethea had just begun to dip their toes into working with FamilyArc, and they still weren’t sure what to expect. Sethea was nervous to have the crew come at first—especially since it wasn’t her home. But she said the experience turned out to be great.

“The crew couldn’t have been kinder, and the photographer was as sweet as could be,” she said. “They cleaned everything up, they were wonderful, and they were very professional.”



The crew came to the Baruns and worked around their schedule. They set up professional lighting and filmed on two separate occasions. On Christmas Eve, they shot video of the family eating appetizers, making dinner, and enjoying each other’s company. It was the first time all six kids had been together in a while, and Sethea said it was an awesome opportunity for them to re-connect.

“What a great experience for them to have and share,” she said.

The photographer took a variety of shots with the family, and the film crew caught candid moments, as well as interviews with each family member. They asked the kids to share some stories about Ken and Sethea and describe what they appreciate about them. Sethea said that some of the stories that came out were heartwarming and sweet, while others were random and silly, but their family had a great time reminiscing and clowning around. She said she’s never quite sure what will come out of her boys’ mouths, so she was appreciative of the crew’s professionalism.

“I like that they were gracious and said they would respect our family and edit anything we didn’t want in there,” she laughed.


For Ken, the experience was the push he needed to start telling his life’s stories—something he had been wanting to do for some time.



Sethea said the experience helped her kids begin to catch the vision for why she and Ken want to tell their family’s story. The lights, cameras, and crew showed them that this project isn’t just for Ken and Sethea; it’s for them and their kids to have for generations to come.