Ken has experienced real change through his faith, and he’ll fight to defend each person’s freedom to believe.

When Ken was growing up, he had an imaginary friend that he often talked to or at least thought about. It became a form of prayer for him. He would ask for things, and he insists that every single one has happened.

One rather incredible event convinced him of that. He was living on the streets and doing drugs and prayed that he would get out of there, and it happened. Later, when he accepted Jesus Christ, he experienced a miraculous lifting of huge weights from his shoulders. Things that used to worry him or seem overwhelming were suddenly either gone or became things that he could deal with.

There’s a passage in the Bible, written by Paul, that says, “Worry for nothing, because the Lord is with you all the time.” Ken knows that’s hard to do, which is why the lifting of his worries was so amazing for him.

Religious Freedom

As a fairly recent convert to Christianity, Ken finds the Bible amazing, and he is doing more study of it than ever before. There is hardly a single thought that the Bible does not cover somewhere. He finds it amazing that the same issues that were written 2,500 years ago parallel what’s happening today.

Ken has had the opportunity to meet with many Russian Orthodox leaders and learn about Christian faith in Russia. Russian Orthodoxy is huge, second only to the Catholic faith. Ken believes they have more religious freedom in Russia than in the United States, where the Lord’s Prayer can no longer be used in schools because of the rule of separation of church and state, which is seemingly supported by the Constitution.

Not long ago, Ken spoke at a rally in Atlanta about religious freedom and the Bible. The rally occurred after a black fire chief was fired because he wrote a book that included a small passage about homosexuality being considered a perversion, or, to be more biblically accurate, “unclean.” He did not sell the book, but only gave it to people who asked for it.

The book came to the attention of the deputy fire chief, a lesbian, who raised the issue at City Council and said the chief had to resign for holding those views. The chief was suspended for thirty days while an investigation was carried out to determine if those views were favorable or unfavorable to people. In more than 30 years, this man had never conducted his management of the fire department based on the nature of the sexual orientation of any individual. Though no one found a single objectionable thing in the investigation, they still fired him. The black community was up in arms.

Ken was there at the rally to simply point out that no one is forced to believe in the Bible, but, for those who do, the messages are there.

Ken has been in the BGEA for about eight years and has been immersed in what the organization believes, yet he carries a realistic attitude. He looks at what the Bible says and chooses to follow that, to the best of his ability, rather than the views of any particular denomination.

Ken knows he can’t know everything, but he knows what he believes and wants to end up in heaven with his family.