Ken Barun is an amazing husband and father. Here’s why.

I think it’s so important to marry someone who loves every moment you spend together—someone who respects you and doesn’t want to hurt you. Ken is always telling me how much he loves me, and it’s such a sweet, wonderful thing. Here are 14 things that I love about Ken.


1. We’re a team. We always want to be together and share every little detail of life. It’s wonderful, and I love that he wants to share everything with me.

2. He is truly nice. I was instantly attracted to him because he is a genuinely nice guy. He’s so kind—almost to a fault!

3. He’s romantic. He’s always thinking about me and bringing me sweet gifts such as flowers or cards. I’ve kept every card he has ever given me, and I’ve received more flowers since we met than the rest of my life combined. 

4. He loves to surprise me. One time we bought a smoker, and Ken wanted to surprise me by putting it together and hiding a watch that I had been wanting inside. But while he was off running errands (and buying the watch), I decided to surprise him and put the smoker together before he got back! It was one of those wonderful moments where we both wanted to do something for each other.

5. He doesn’t hold a grudge. Even if we disagree, he works through arguments and moves on from them. He doesn’t hold anything against me.


6. He’s fun and funny. Ken sleepwalks, but he doesn’t remember it. Sometimes he’ll get up and get himself something to eat in the middle of the night. One time he took a huge bite out of a block of cheese in the fridge! Another time, he got a popsicle and brought me one too. There he goes again, thinking about me—even when he’s asleep!

7. He’s very giving. We’re learning as a couple that less is more. I love that he’s so generous and helpful.


8. He’s attractive. Ever since I first saw him with his walrus mustache and his long hair, I’ve thought he was very handsome.

9. He’s always willing to help. He’s been an executive of McDonald’s and now at the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, but he has never had a problem getting down on the floor to scrub something up. He always wants to serve and help out other people.


10. He’s a hands-on father. He’s been an awesome dad to the boys and a wonderful stepfather to the girls. Whether it’s helping them hook up their phones, figure out insurance, or fix their cars, he’s always there for them. He’s always willing to help, no matter what.


11. He’s not judgmental. If the kids call and have a problem—no matter how serious—he doesn’t judge. He just wants to know how he can help fix it.

12. He’s a people-person. I love that he goes out and works the crowd at any event we attend. He loves meeting new people and has no problem talking to strangers and sharing his story. He’s definitely a people-person, and so am I, so that has been a lot of fun for us.

13. He’s a great connector. He’s a very loyal friend, and he’s really good at connecting people.

14. He’s my best friend. I have a lot of siblings, clients, and friends I’m very close to, but Ken is truly my best friend. Being his wife has been so wonderful.