Our Mission

The FamilyArc Foundation is dedicated to sustaining the preservation of family history. We preserve, promote, and share the history and legacy of the family and are committed to the collaborative research, presentation, conservation, and continuity of traditional knowledge of family life in the United States and around the world.


Our Purpose


FamilyArc is committed to the preservation of family history. Through our digital archive platform, we make it possible for families to share their stories—past and present—for generations to come. We preserve family history by helping families catalog the past, capture their stories, and reveal moments to celebrate.


The FamilyArc Foundation provides scholarships for archive memberships to families across the world. Similarly, the FamilyArc Foundation enables the longevity of FamilyArc archives for future generations by providing a financial reserve, like an endowment, to ensure that both public and private archives remain viable.


The FamilyArc Foundation is dedicated to educating families and organizations about the importance of preserving their stories. We do this by making family histories available to the public (with permission) and by providing the tools and resources necessary to create meaningful, museum-quality archives.

Our Team