The spiritual beliefs that have brought you and your loved ones through moments of crisis and success. Your faith is a vital component of the foundation on which your family stands. Telling your stories ensures this important value is handed down to generations even after you’re gone—and may be the very vessel that comforts those you leave behind.

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Broken and Beautiful, Part 1

Our family’s trip to Haiti with the Global Orphan Project showed me the importance of being okay with not being okay.


Sethea’s Prayer

What Sethea wants her children, their spouses, and her grandchildren to know about love and marriage.


Standing Up for His Beliefs

Ken has experienced real change through his faith, and he’ll fight to defend each person’s freedom to believe.


How God Works

Through a series of seemingly coincidental events, Sethea’s sister found faith and a miracle.


Spiritual Growth

After Ken became a Christian, he and Sethea learned how to make God part of their daily lives.


Meeting Jesus

Ken knew he was still missing something, but he never would have guessed he would find it through faith in Christ. Ken met Paul Saber in 1987 at a charity race. They were riding in […]


A Changed Perspective

Once Sethea developed a relationship with God, she began to view her life differently.


Give It to God

How one client’s words made an eternal impact on Sethea’s life.