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Telling a family history is about much more than collecting dates, facts, and figures. The story of family—your story—resonates with the rich descriptions of life’s experiences. It shares our values, our beliefs, our contributions to society, our plans for the future, and so much more.

Telling your story ensures that your legacy is effectively passed down to your children and grandchildren. Many families have chosen to trust FamilyArc with the important task of archiving their history for future generations. Here—with permission—we’ve curated the most meaningful real-life stories from some of the families who have chosen to work with us. Stories are categorized by the specific family values showcased within each one.

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A 2009 Emory University Study found that “a greater knowledge of family history was associated with a host of positive outcomes for teens.” These include: higher measures of self-esteem, greater control of their futures, resilience in hardship, better academic performances, and better relationships with their parents. It is clear that telling family stories can make a profound impact on people’s lives.

With FamilyArc, you can preserve your rich history and heritage in a museum-quality, private, and secure family archive for generations to come. Watch our overview video to learn more.